onsdag 2 augusti 2017


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Time for me to get acquainted with a relative newcomer to the knife scene. It's China based Ruike who introduces themselves to both me and the Blog with this particular knife. 

Behind Ruike stands an well established company, Fenixlight, known for lighting the existence both figurative and literally with their broad line of flashlights, headlights and bicycle lighting. Now they're entering the realm of knife making and go with a bang. As of now the line up consists of some twentyfive models reaching from straight forward jackknives, via multifunctionknives and bigger folders to a few fixed blades. 

The assortment looks quite competitive. And as far as I can tell from early pictures there seems to be some connection to Real Steel Knives in one way or another. It's not confirmed but what lead my thoughts in that direction is the combination of how the clips are designed, the choice of blade-steels and the use of the secondary "Beta Plus"-lock. Even the name is the same.

If this is the case it's just a positive thing that stands for solid production quality.

The best kind of coffee, the kind that is accompanied with a new knife!

This model is named P128-SF and is one of Ruikes latest. It's a larger folder that opens via a flipper and is equipped with a framelock. It also offers features like bearings, a secondary lock and above all a good Swedish steel in the shape of Sandvik 14C28N. All in all a really solid knife already on paper. 

The knife is a good looking one if you ask me with clean and elegant lines. No excesses but yet small details to discover upon scrutinizing the knife in detail.

The absolutely first impression after unboxing this knife was that it's a light one for being this large and entirely made out of steel. It's a good start and brings promises of a good future partnership. My second thought was that the P128 gives a sturdy and well built impression, sound I guess you can say. It feels good in hand and balancewise it's very neutral. Somebodey has given the design some proper thought. 

Just positive impressions out of the box that is. The knife was picked up early in the morning and went straight down in the pocket to join me for the rest of the day both for work and later on a long stroll in the woods. 

Maybe the modelname needs a bit of tweaking but the more work has gone into making this knife which is a priority I highly appreciate.

I will be back with ongoing reports on the subject and of course there will be a full scale review as soon as I have carried and used this knife for a while!

/ J - curious

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